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Dom Joly: The Hezbollah Hiking Club

Dom Joly joins the #AsiaLitFest with his book 'The Hezbollah Hiking Club' for an evening exploring the rich history of Lebanon through his trademark humour.

At a boozy, cricket-filled afternoon at Lord's, Dom Joly convinces his two closest friends to agree to the unthinkable: a challenging hike across Lebanon, from the Israeli border in the south, along the spine of the country's mountain range, all the way to the Syrian border in the north.

Spanning 470 kilometres and 21 days, Joly will share comical tales from homecoming on foot; with stories from his hair-raising creep along the ‘Valley of the Skulls’ to encounters with characters such as a Hezbollah Museum guide.

Joly was in conversation with British-Lebanese writer Nasri Atallah.

Couldn't join us on the day? Watch the full event below.

Check out the rest of the Festival programme here and join the conversation online using the hashtag #AsiaLitFest.

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