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Karl reMarks: The Middle East - A Year in Review

Karl Sharro, the political and cultural online sensation behind the popular Twitter handle @KarlreMarks, took a look back at the media’s depiction of key moments in the Middle East this year.

Karl was in conversation with British-Lebanese writer Nasri Atallah

Analysing the topical news and views of 2019, Karl brought his wry observations and witticisms to a discussion with British-Lebanese writer Nasri Atallah.

Famously known for his Middle East political and cultural online commentary - with frequent forays into satire - Karl Sharro's work has been featured in the BBC, Al-Jazeera, The Economist, Ted-X Talks, Wall Street Journal and Guardian among others. In 2016 Karl’s video ‘the simple one-sentence explanation for what caused Isis,’ went viral, with 1.6 million views on Facebook alone. Alongside his role as a satirist and commentator on the Middle East, Karl has practised architecture in London and Beirut.

Couldn't join us on the day? Watch the full event below.

Check out the rest of the Festival programme here and join the conversation online using the hashtag #AsiaLitFest.

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